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Your Online Reputation is My Business - True Story Company

When your online reputation is hit by a crisis, you want to regain the trust of your customers and stakeholders as soon as possible.

Whether that crisis is the Coronavirus, ransomware or a website hack, you want to be able to communicate effectively with employees, customers and suppliers.

So, how do you do that? That’s a small step. Just leave your contact details or learn more by reading how we work below.

Warren Buffet

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

How much is your online reputation worth to you?

Let’s suppose you own a web shop. And it’s not like any other web shop. Because you invested heavily in building your brand, both online and offline. You invested even more in cutting-edge technology to create a perfect online customer experience. You’ve spent time and effort handpicking your suppliers, checking out each and every one of them to make sure they meet your standards. And the same goes for your employees. You’ve carefully selected people with the right attitude, the right background and the right qualifications.

Whether it is the products you sell, the staff you employ, the services you offer or the suppliers you work with – you see to it that every element of your business offers an excellent level of quality and sustainability. This is how you have built an excellent reputation for your business.

How would you feel if you lost all this effort and money because of one small mishap?

It only takes a split second to ruin your online reputation

Of course, you are painfully aware that it only takes a split second to ruin the reputation you’ve spent years building. You’ve seen it happen to fellow entrepreneurs.

One bad review on Google. One angry Facebook post by a disgruntled employee. Or one nasty Tweet by an unhappy contractor or supplier can be enough to leave your online reputation in tatters.

Not to mention trolls, hacks and data leaks. Those are the worst. You’ve seen businesses go bankrupt due to their website having been hacked, their social media accounts being trolled, their data having been leaked.

You can only hope and pray your web shop will be spared the nightmare.

Hope is not a plan for your online reputation

Of course you can leave things as they are. You are fine now, aren’t you? Probably your business is running smoothly, your customers are happy and so is your team. So why would you spend time and money planning for something that may never happen?

I mean, you can do what most other web shop owners do: carry on business as usual. You can chose to cross that bridge when you get there. Just pray that those trolls will not seek you out. And hope that business as unusual will never arrive at your doorstep.

That’s up to you. The choice is yours.

Hope is not a plan though.

Disaster will strike. The question is when

How would it feel if someone ruined the online reputation of your web shop in a split second? Wouldn’t it be a total waste of all the time, money and effort you’ve spent building your web shop?

And wouldn’t it be a disaster having your good name slandered all over the internet just because one delivery went wrong or a product didn’t quite pass muster?

Imagine the losses you’ll face trying to fix that reputation damage. Imagine the cost associated with having to lay off your workers.

Just imagine – if even for a minute – the time and money you’ll have to spend on a lawsuit trying to prove you did nothing wrong. Trying to make sure your true story gets heard.

Peace of mind and focus – because you prepared for disaster

How would it make you feel if you could rest assured that hackers, trolls, disgruntled employees or unhappy contractors are unable to ruin your reputation? Because you could rely on having everything in place to deal with whatever negative feedback may come your way? So you’re fully set up to handle any online reputation catastrophe? Because you’ve taken all the necessary steps to prepare for an online reputation crisis?

Now, imagine the peace of mind and focus that would give you. Just knowing that you’re in control. Because you prepared for disaster.

20 years of experience in reputation and risk management

With more than 20 years of experience in reputation and risk management under my belt, I know what it takes to prepare for disaster. I know what questions to ask, what processes to run and what steps to take. Steps you need to take to make sure you and your team will know what to do when your business is under fire. So, you don’t need to take those steps alone. Because I am here to help.

All you need to do is take that small step and leave your name and email address here. Then, I will send you my crisis preparation checklist for free. No strings attached! How is that for a promise?