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The True Story Company helps companies and entrepreneurs to prepare for and manage a social media crisis by helping them plan ahead of time.

Managing a social media crisis means restoring trust

When your online reputation is hit by a crisis, you want to be able to fix that as soon as possible. You want to be able to concentrate on fixing the data breach, safeguarding your customer’s data, restore their trust in your company.

To restore the trust of your customers you need to be able to respond fast and adequate. Because in case of a crisis on social media facts disappear and opinions reign. And everything happens within seconds. So, if you can’t get your true story out there fast, your online reputation will suffer. And if you’re in the middle of an online reputation crisis, you’re too late. Then there’s no time to figure out what to say.

Having a social media crisis communications plan will help your company create clarity on what to post, who should post it, who approves posts. As a result, you will have time focus your attention on what matters most in a crisis: resolving the root cause.

And this is exactly what the True Story Company does for its customers: create time to fix the real issue. Create head space to concentrate on what is really important.

True Story Company: That’s a small step for man…

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, there was no internet, no social media and no fake news. There was just this one television stream from the moon.

Still, the moon landing is arguably the greatest and definitely one of the most controversial achievements of mankind.

Why was the flag waving when there is no wind?

What did Armstrong really say?

Was Armstrong even on the moon? Or was it what now would be called a deep fake produced by Hollywood?

If you do believe that he was on the moon (and I do) Armstrong made one small step for a man and a giant leap for mankind when he set foot on the lunar surface.

True Story Company, that's a small step for man...

It’s a small step to a social media crisis

Because social media is becoming less and less forgiving. That one small misstep may nowadays result in your company being ambushed and trolled by annoying humans (and bots). And before you know it, your reputation has been thoroughly destroyed.

So, the question comes up: what to do if this happens? You know that you cannot possibly prevent all problems from happening, right? And you want to be on social media as well. After all, it is a great resource to create a positive brand and it generates long term relationships with customers and followers.

Social Media Crisis Communication Plan

The answer to the question is simple: be prepared. That is why the True Story Company helps you and your team understand what to do and what not. We help you and your team make sure you can inform your customers and employees adequately. The True Story Company creates clarity around roles and responsibilities so everyone in your company understands who has what role in a crisis. As a result, you have the ability to concentrate on what matters most: taking care of the root cause of the social media crisis.

If you know in advance what to do in case of a social media crisis, you will have less stress managing it. And your reputation will take less of a hit, so it takes less long to recover.

True Story Company, it’s a small step to prepare

Right now, because there is no social media crisis to manage, you have a choice. You have the choice to prepare or to stick your head in the sand. Most companies stick their head in the sand like an ostrich and hope things will blow over when they happen. They take things as they are. Because preparing for a social media crisis takes time and effort. They think they can’t do anything about it anyway. And since time equals money, they hope that they will never be in a social media crisis situation.

However, you are not like most companies. Because, you have invested money to build your brand online and offline. And you have invested in technology to create a wonderful customer experience.

You do not want a small misstep to destroy all that hard work.

You understand what it takes to be prepared. And you want to be prepared.

  • Preparing means that you have to know what can happen and understanding the impact of these events. Maybe you don’t know exactly but you need to have a good understanding of likelihood and impact.
  • Being prepared means having a plan to deal with the situation. Not only solving the technical issue but also on how to communicate to customers and employees.
  • Finally, a thorough preparation means having tested all plans and procedures. This test is really necessary, and – unlike the real world – failure is a good option in the test phase.

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