Why You Need to Answer All Questions During a Crisis

Let’s suppose you have a webshop. And let’s suppose that the shop is hacked. You can call that everything but it is a crisis for sure. Now what?

Why You Need to Answer All Questions During a Crisis

Of course, you need to figure out what happened and restore the damage. 

But your customers are waiting for their merchandise. And if they find out that your webshop is hacked, they will have questions about their shipments, their payments, etc.

But you also need to fix the website.

What most webshop owners do in a crisis

Most webshop owners will not answer the questions of their customers. Most webshop owners think that as long as they sit still, the whole thing will blow over. They think that as long as they focus on fixing the website, everything will be all right. Or they think that because they don’t have the time and the resources to answer all the individual questions, the best strategy is not to answer at all.

No time or no priority, that’s the question

The thing is, that by not answering the phone or mail, these webshop owners give the appearance that they have something to hide. 

Also, by not responding to legitimate questions on social media, these business owners cause customers to question their integrity. 

As a result, these business owners achieve exactly the opposite result of what they wanted. The trust of their customers will have evaporated by the time the website is operating again. And so will their reputation. So you actually make the effects of the crisis worse than the crisis itself.

What to do in a crisis instead? Plan ahead!

Because if you’ve set up some basic measures like a list of people who can help you fix the website, this frees up a lot of resources to help deal with customer inquiries. And if you’ve determined what you need to inform your customers about what is happening, it’s much easier to act according to that plan. And then, the crisis feels a bit less stressful.

So, don’t be like most webshop owners. Protect your reputation by planning ahead. If you’d like to learn how just let me know. That’s a small step, right?