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To support with any press and media inquiries, this page contains background information that press and media representatives may find useful. You can find the download link for the high resolution photo at the bottom of the page.

For press and media purposes, a high resolution picture is available for download at the bottom of the page.

I’ve learned – for example – that when you’re in a PR crisis, the one thing you can’t hire is a PR crisis company.

Julian Woodland – former COO of Cambridge Analytica

What does the True Story Company do?

The True Story Company was founded in 2019 by Dirkjan Hupkes. The goal of The True Story Company is to help businesses and organization preserve their online reputation by preparing them for a social media crisis.

How does True Story Company work?

The True Story Company helps webshops manage their online reviews on Google and on social media. This will improve their online reputation, which helps them attract more customers.

Who is Dirkjan Hupkes?

As a former Compliance Officer and Risk Manager at ING and Nationale-Nederlanden, Dirkjan has hands-on experience with managing the impact of reputational crises. He knows very well what impact such a crisis can have on a brand. At the same time he also understands that not taking any risks is perhaps the biggest risk for a company. No taking risks means not getting any rewards.

In 2012, his long-time girlfriend fell ill. After helping her recover from stage 4 gastric cancer, he decided quit his well-paid job as a risk manager to become an entrepreneur in 2017. As Your Social Media Buddy he helps companies tell their story on social media. In 2019, Dirkjan decided to combine the experience from his former work in the field of reputation management with his social media skills.

In his spare time Dirkjan is a fan of Feyenoord, the San Francisco 49’ers and the New York Yankees. Also, he is an active runner and he takes a BodyPump class every week to stay fit. Whenever possible, he takes the bike to work.

For his track and field club in Alphen aan den Rijn, Dirkjan also chairs the sponsor committee. In addition, Dirkjan is a member of BNI. And a little-known fact is that his family has a railway bridge at Zaltbommel named after a great grand uncle, Willem Hupkes.

Furthermore, Dirkjan has two cats. Their names are Buddy and Bikkel. Finally, Dirkjan is obsessed with one question. How do we balance freedom of speech with the right to protect your reputation. Particularly on social media, this is a relevant issue with all the online abuse that is happening.

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Use this picture for press and media purposes
Use this picture for press and media purposes.