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The products of the True Story Company at a glance

The products of the True Story Company
The products of the True Story Company

True Story Company offers its products and services on a stand lone basis but also as a package. You can see the product packages above while the individual products are described more in-depth below. Note that it is possible to have a 3-year subscription as well.

Online crisis preparedness scan

We at the True Story Company believe that managing a social media crisis effectively starts with a thorough analysis. Therefore, all the products and packages we offer start with such an analysis. The analysis will show what events or issues can trigger a crisis on social media.

These triggers may be a small issue with one of your products or services that results in some bad online reviews. But it may also be a bigger crisis like the one we’re currently facing with the Coronavirus. To ensure that the solution we offer focusses on the right events, we look at the risk that these events represent to your company. And, of course, we also look at what your company already has in place to deal with any issues.

Improvement plan

Once you know the triggers and their root cause, you can start to develop solutions. These solutions will help your company improve on crisis preparedness. Of course we deal with the issues that represent the biggest risks first.

The solutions will involve – amongst others – developing standard questions and answers, setting up standard landing pages where you can put information, developing a set of clear arrangements on who talks to customers, vendors, employees and the public.

We take a structured approach to the solution. But we also will build in the flexibility you need to adapt to how a situation develops.

Implementing the improvement

Once we’re ready developing solutions that will help you deal with most social media crises, we can start implementing these solutions. You can chose to do this yourself or to let us do this.

Training your team

What is an improvement plan without training? Not a lot, right? And this is why True Story Company believes that it is necessary to simulate a crisis every year. This will ensure that your company and your management team is ready to deal with any crisis at hand.

How to get in touch about our products

If you’re interested or if you would like to receive a quotation, please contact us.