The Importance of Reviews for Your Online Reputation

The quality of your products is not relevant for your online reputation, reviews are.

Wait, what?

The quality of your products is not relevant for your online reputation.

Most entrepreneurs believe that the quality of the products or services that they provide determines how other people value their company online.

And it’s not.

The major factor that drives your online reputation is how you respond to bad reviews. Because 86% of online customers will look at how businesses respond to bad reviews and complaints. And 89% reads up to 10 reviews to get a good picture of how you respond. 

I mean, the quality of your products and services may be very good. And the service may be great. But if you don’t take the time to properly respond to a bad review, the trust of your company is gone. 

For all businesses, trust is a key factor for your reputation. Even more so when you’re operating online. Because people can’t see you and they can’t touch the product before they buy it. They can’t visit your store either.

So, you need to be on top of your reviews. And you need to answer them. One by one. Even if they’re grossly unfair. Or outright unreasonable. Because then you need to tell your true story. Only then, the customer can make up his mind. 

To learn how you can stay on top of your reviews and respond effectively, feel free to contact me or read more about this in other posts on this blog. To learn more about how you can effectively respond to a crisis, stay tuned for the next post.